Senior nearshoring leaders are sharing their experience, insights, and advice

Gabriel Maks

Head of Technology Consulting, VM Software House
My mission as Head of Technology Consulting is to create advanced solutions and inspire teams to achieve outstanding results. Thanks to over 20 years of experience in the field of management and technology, I set my focus on creating new opportunities and solutions. My entire professional career has been related to the outsourcing of services and nearshoring.

Renato Barta

Co-Founder, Kodilion
Started as a Java programmer, moved to systems engineer and team lead, specializing in IBM technologies and WebSphere server management. Afterwards excelled in IT management, focusing on sales, client relations and key project oversight which included national projects like SEPA and SCT Instant. With over 20 years of experience, now the co-founder and CEO of Kodilion, leading business development and sales.

Filip Stolarski

Project Manager, Profil Software
An experienced, certified Product Manager with strong Agile skills, boasting 7 years of experience. His last venture, the Deep Alpha Wealthtech Investment Advisory Platform, has been adopted by 8 European banks. With expertise spanning banking, finance, logistics, e-commerce, and more, he excels in bridging client-developer communication in diverse projects. Holds certifications as a Professional Scrum Master I (Scrum.org), AgilePM (APMG), SAFe 5 (SAFe), and Product Discovery specialist.

Aleksey Zavgorodniy

CEO, Unicsoft
I went through the entire professional path from Junior Java developer, through Project Manager and Business Analyst to CEO, thus I learned in detail the features of each position. With the all the combined experiences, I foster a team that is empowering innovative growth of our clients through technical expertise, personal dedication, and care. The Unicsoft team delivers innovative software solutions and solve challenging tasks.

António Abreu

Head of Product Strategy & Design, Bliss Applications
With 15 years in the digital realm, António’s diverse background spans digital marketing, branding, e-sports, and hospitality, complementing his expertise in product strategy and user experience. At Bliss Applications, he currently leads a team of 75 professionals crafting products for renowned companies like JPMorgan, Santander, TD Bank, Mastercard, Altice, and EDP.

Marko Radosavljevic

CEO, InterVenture
Marko's leadership has made InterVenture a go-to partner for FinTech firms seeking stability and expertise. Marko has significant hands-on experience in strategy development and implementation. He holds an MBA from Yales School of Management and a PhD in mechanical engineering from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).

Michael Barskyi

Head of S-PRO Switzerland, S-PRO
Experienced Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Customer Service. Strong sales management professional with a Master's degree focused in IT, Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities Law from Zaporizhzhian Institute of Economics and Information Technologies.

Bjørn Baunbæk

Chief Commercial Officer, CrossWorkers
CrossWorkers is a Scandinavian company providing high-end IT professionals to European clients. For 15 years we have been providing our services from Cairo, Egypt - one of the most interesting nearshore destinations today due to access to talent, cultural maturity and cost levels. Of course, everything is based on European law and is GDPR compliant.

Robert Marek

Co-Founder & CEO, FINGO
At FINGO, we understand the technology needs of the financial sector, so let us know how we can together achieve your business goals.

Franco Dal Molin

CEO, Value Leap
Nearshoring & ICT outsourcing expert (22+ years). As founder and CEO of Value Leap, creator of the Smart Sourcing seminar series, we help our clients partner with the most suitable and pre-screened nearshore IT service providers, accelerate time-to-market, save effort and costs, reduce the risk of failure, and achieve innovative business results faster.


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